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Healing with Flower Essences spans many cultures throughout history. It is claimed they were widely used in the ancient civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. In Australia the Aborigines would eat the whole flower for its beneficial qualities. The essence was formed as the sun energised dew on the flower and this would be consumed when the flower was eaten. If there were flowers that were poisonous, or inedible for any reason, they would sit amongst the flowers to absorb the healing vibrations.

Other ancient cultures using flowers to treat emotional states were the Egyptians, Africans and the Malay. The earliest recorded use of Flower Essences comes from the sixteenth century when Paracelsus, the great mystic and healer, used dew from flowers to alleviate his patients' emotional disturbances.

Down through the ages man has used medicinal plants; even pharmaceutical preparations have depended on the use of these natural substances until recently. Flower essences, however, use none of the physical material from the plant, but utilise the essential energy found within the flower.

Placing the flowers in a bowl of clean water, usually spring water, and leaving it in the sun for a few hours extracts the healing energy; the flowers are then removed from the bowl, leaving us with the 'mother essence'. This is then preserved with alcohol before being bottled.

This is a subtle substance used to treat the cause of illness at a subtle level. Whereas medicines normally treat the physical complaint, flower essences work on the psychological cause of an illness. An example of this would be; two very different people receive a shock. The first one is involved in a car accident and is unhurt physically, but is extremely shaken up. Soon after the event she begins to suffer from severe migraines. The second person endures the sudden loss of his business after a company he supplies goes bankrupt. On hearing the news he suffers a stroke, resulting in some paralysis. Conventional treatments for these two people would be very different; but using Flower Essences we would treat them both with the same essence, the one for shock. As the psychological effects of the shock are dissolved, the physical conditions will disappear.

Flower Essences are liquid and come in dropper bottles, making them easy to take and administer. They are non-habit forming and safe for all ages; during pregnancy, new borns, children, animals and even plants.

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