Magic of Colour  


The colours we choose offer an insight into our personality, challenges we have overcome or may face and our strengths and weaknesses. By expanding our awareness of the impact colour has on our day to day life and conciously working with colour we can promote well-being and attract a positive change. Colour can affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state; therefore providing for all aspects of our total being.

Many people underestimate the power of working with colour; but take a minute to think of how we refer to colour regularly and the qualities we apply to them. 'Feeling blue', 'in the pink', 'green with envy' are just a few of the phrases many of us use to express how we feel. Consider how you feel waking up to a bright, sunny, yellow day in comparison to those which are dark grey. Our bodies naturally crave light; our development, both physically and mentally, is restricted without it. White light contains all the spectrum colours.

Magic of Colour Readings use a complete range of coloured oils and waters, in bottles, for you to make a selection from. You will be asked to close your eyes and connect with your thoughts, before opening them and selecting the first colour your eyes are drawn to. This is repeated for each selection, whether you have chosen a three or nine bottle reading. The colours will represent issues of the past, present and future and the strengths you can use to overcome situations. The nine bottle reading offers a deeper insight and understanding. The reader will discuss the meanings with you and offer suggestions of colours to work with that will support you.

Colour Your Name ~ Analysis and Printed Report uses a numerological system to define the 'colour' of your name and birthdate. Everything on the planet has a vibration. When our names are called or used they resonate with a certain frequency that corresponds to a colour. Understanding the colours in our names and the attributes and challenges they may present to us, provides awareness of how we can maintain balance and promote well-being. The report also defines the colours 'missing' from our name and birthdate; offering an insight as to why certain obstacles may often present themselves to us or reoccur periodically throughout our lives.

A complete report requires all names used since birth, in chronological order, including any frequently used nicknames and your birthdate. The report is compiled in a presentation folder; making an unusual, fun and valuable gift for yourself or another. Please go to the Download Page where you will be able to open, save or print a form to complete. Please allow 7 - 14 days for your report to be completed.

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