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Reiki Attunement

Anyone willing to adopt the principles of Reiki teachings can learn how to use this gentle energy healing, without any other knowledge of holistic health. The ability to channel Reiki comes through a process of initiation known as 'Attunement'; performed by a Reiki Master. This process is not exclusive and is regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs. Initiation harmonises a person with the Reiki energy so they can receive and pass it on to others.

During the attunement the Reiki Master opens the student's higher chakras allowing the highest healing energies to come through. After the first attunement you are encouraged to practise on yourself, family and friends. This basic treatment of self and others is done with the hands held still for a few minutes in a sequence of positions over the head and body. It is considered essential to treat oneself with Reiki and many people use it exclusively for personal development.

Additional stages of attunements and the use of Reiki symbols enhance and further the ability to utilise Reiki energy, focusing it for specific purposes; while the importance and deeper meaning of this system as a whole gradually unfolds through personal experience. Because the foundation practise is learnt in such a short time, Reiki is very accessible and there has been a proliferation of practitioners and Masters offering attunements, in recent years. When selecting a Reiki Master to train with it is important to trust your intuition and choose someone who you feel is working from the heart.

We offer various methods of attunement to Reiki, from first to third degree; including group classes, one to one teaching and distant learning. As with healing, Reiki attunements may also be practised using distant techniques. It is important for you to choose the method you feel most comfortable with; should you wish to discuss the options, please contact us.

All of our Reiki courses are complemented by a comprehensive reference manual and ongoing support to promote your development. In addition to the information usually made available to Reiki students, our courses and manuals include a specific section on using Reiki with companion animals. For further information on Reiki and animals, please see Animal Aura.

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